Prevent fraud and breaches with compliance automation

Internal threats are tough to identify. Uncover policy violations and enforce access compliance with our analytics-driven platform.


Mitigate risk with our automated Segregation of Duties checks

Segregation of Duties (SoD) is a way for companies to execute internal and external security policies to prevent dangerous access combinations that could provide the opportunity for fraud.

Identify fraud risk across applications and resources

Our SoD controls highlight toxic access combinations, ensuring appropriate access decisions can be made. 

Target business processes to make the biggest impact

Often, the focus is on infrastructure or within applications themselves—but the security threat is heightened at the business process level, where fraud risk can go undetected.

Boost effectiveness of compliance efforts with analytics

Data can be more easily managed with automated controls focusing on applications, the compliance of privileged accounts, and the governance of access rights. 

Verify the security and compliance of your access rights 

Implement IT General Controls (ITGCs) in the context of IT audits to protect your organization’s resources.

"(We are) very impressed with the powerful features of RadiantOne."
Gartner Peer Insights, Sr. Director, Identity and Access Management in the Education Industry

Compliance, meet automation. Implementing controls has never been so smooth. 

Access compliance is more than just a box to check—it’s essential for addressing internal threats and risk of fraud. RadiantOne makes it that much easier with analytics-driven insights and automation. 

Compliance Automation

Gone are the days of managing access rights with Excel

Bring your compliance efforts into the modern era and reduce the burden on IT, identity, and risk teams with automated tools for checking SoD and need-to-know policies. Deviations from security policies can be detected and remediated across crucial applications and resources.
Segregation of Duties

Bad access combinations leave openings for fraud—close the gap with SoD checks

Should the same person be entrusted with the ability to cut and sign the checks? NO. But those kinds of rules are difficult to enforce, first because it’s hard to get the required visibility, and second because analytics are needed to make sense of the rights. RadiantOne delivers both, to make mitigation a snap.
Risk Insights

You can’t protect what you can’t see—risk is lurking where you lack visibility

Risk isn’t easy to assess, which is why RadiantOne has built-in tools for risk scoring as well as making it crystal-clear which risks to address first. Intuitive dashboards and reports help all stakeholders—from business line owners to auditors—understand the organization’s security posture.
Simplified Audit

The work of compliance is increasing, especially for complex environments

Compliance requirements are increasingly broad and sophisticated—read, burdensome. Lighten the load with our automated tools for addressing audit requirements, including IT general controls and SoD checks—and prove your compliance with time-stamped and signed reports.

Trouble with compliance audits? No need to stress.


Hundreds of integrations

RadiantOne offers pre-built connectors for all key systems, so plugging in is easy.


Explore our powerful platform

Deploy RadiantOne to meet all your identity data integration and analysis needs. Discover which capabilities will solve your toughest identity challenges. 

  • Integration

    Our powerhouse virtualization and abstraction layer unifies identity silos, providing a central application access point and unlimited virtual views of identity data, delivered at speed in just the right format.

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  • Directory

    Modernize your identity infrastructure with the RadiantOne Directory, providing a new way of storing, searching, and discovering identity information. Enable elastic computing with the highly scalable, fault-tolerant, containerized solution for distributed identity storage.

  • Synchronization

    One synchronization service to rule them all— on-prem, in the cloud, and across the clouds. RadiantOne Synchronization leverages bi-directional connectors to propagate identity data and keep it coherent across all systems.

  • Observability

    Gain visibility into identity data quality and the efficiency of your identity system. Observability delivers meaningful, actionable insights, enabling the evaluation of risks by automatically uncovering outliers and inappropriate access.

  • Governance

    Get data-driven governance with automated user access reviews, intuitive risk scoring, and more. RadiantOne’s Governance offering is driven by Identity Analytics to fill gaps for existing systems, or mitigate risk as a standalone solution.


Make access compliance a snap with RadiantOne

Quickly identify and address compliance issues with great visualization tools and automated processes.